Understanding the Pros and Cons of a Gutter Leaf Guard

For homeowners on a tight budget, every little thing you add to your home adds up. Before you go out and purchase something new for your house, you should consider the pros and the cons even if it seems as necessary as a gutter leaf guard. According to the embedded video, a leaf guard might seem like the perfect solution to having leaves get in your gutter but it doesn’t come without a few cons.

Video Source

One of the main perks of a leaf guard on a gutter is that it will keep out large leaves. This can save you time removing leaves in the fall and even save you money if you’re used to paying someone to clean the leaves out of your gutter. Another pro of a leaf guard on a gutter is that it helps you see how many leaves accumulate on a gutter to help you determine if a tree is a problem over your home. Some of the disadvantages of a gutter leaf guard include the fact that gets clogged with other materials and can make it harder for you to fish dirt or debris out of the gutter. This can lead to rotting.

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