The Top Questions to Ask Roofing Companies

To make the right decisions, ask the right questions. Hiring a reputable roofer isn’t exempt from this rule. This video looks at key questions to ask the roofers before hiring them.
The first question has to do with their physical address. Legitimate businesses understand that a physical office location translates into legitimacy.

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A verifiable physical address is evidence that a roofer is accountable and reliable.
Next, reputable roofing companies must have a valid contractor’s license number. Such a license number is evidence that they are licensed to operate in a specific area. Asking roofing contractors if they have a valid license is crucial as it implies they can assist clients in getting the permits required for a re-roofing project, avoiding potential delays and complications.
Another crucial question to ask is if a roofer requires upfront payments. As much as possible, avoid roofers who demand upfront payments. While permissible, this practice is strictly regulated. In some cases, a roofer may legitimately ask for upfront payments, but they must first comply with prevailing regulations. A key thing to note here is that legitimate roofing contractors rarely ask for upfront payments.
Lastly, ask if a roofer provides a satisfaction guarantee. If they do, chances are they are highly sought-after. Everyone loves working with a contractor with whom they have recourse for redress if they are dissatisfied with the quality of work.

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