What to Ask Before Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Hiring a roofing contractor can be a confusing process at the best of times. People who have never had to do it before are likely to need some help finding out which contractor they should be choosing to fix their roofs. We hope this article and video can help those people make an informed decision.

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The first thing customers need to know about potential roofers is where they are based. Knowing the business address of the contractor helps to establish legitimacy and trustworthiness. Next, customers should ask if the contractor is licensed. For example, in the El Paso area, customers can ask for a license number to check whether or not the contractor holds an appropriate license. The third thing customers should ask is if the contractor has workers’ comp insurance. If they don’t the homeowner is going to be liable for any accidents and injuries that occur during the job.

Any legitimate roofer should only ask for payment in full after the work is complete. If they ask for any payment upfront, then customers should take this as a red flag. Finally, customers should discount any roofer that offers to help pay their deductible. This is an illegal practice and customers should not engage with any roofing contractors who offer to do it.


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