Tile Roofing Contractors Explain Roofing Tile Types

If you want roofing that’s aesthetically pleasing and durable, tile roofing is the best option. There are different types of tiles, and you should know their differences before installing them in your home. This video explores the different types of roofing tiles available on the market.

Roofing tiles are mostly clay and concrete. Plastic, wood fiber, rubber, metal, and asphalt are not tiles.

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They imitate the basic forms of tiles, which are clay and concrete. Clay tiles are visually appealing and highly durable, hence a good choice for homeowners seeking longevity. On the other hand, concrete tiles offer versatility in design by imitating the appearance of materials such as wood and slate. They can endure harsh conditions, making them suitable for harsh weather conditions.

Roofing tiles also come in different design classifications. They include flat tiles, low-profile tiles, and high-profile tiles. Additionally, they vary in size (standard and large format tiles), which affects the overall visual impact of the roof. Other classifications of tiles include color and installation classification.

Tile roofing contractors can offer you guidance on the type of tiles that best suit your home. You should always discuss your preferences with them. Whether you want the classic allure of clay or the versatility of metal and concrete, there’s always a tile type to cater to your vision.


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