8 Questions to Help You Choose the Best Roofing Contractor for You

The roof of any property is one of the most important aspects of the building itself. From investing in a new roof to maintaining or repairing it, roofing is an integral part of any residential or commercial building today. If you believe your roof requires an inspection, repair, or even a complete replacement, working with the right roofing contractor can make all of the difference. Choosing the right roofing contractor to hire can mean the difference between ensuring your roof will stand the test of time and discovering leaks months or even just a year after the repair or installation job is complete. Knowing how to find a professional roofing contractor for the project you have in mind is essential as a homeowner or even as a commercial property investor today.

Before you hire a contractor to take on your roofing job, be sure to ask questions to get to know more about the contractor as an individual or the roofing company he or she represents. Roofing companies will vary in the number of employees they have as well as the years of cumulative experience the roofers have together. Knowing what to ask before hiring a contractor of any kind can help you to feel much more confident and comfortable in your final decision.

1. What Is Your Experience?

Any time you are in the market for a local roofing contractor, you should ask them about their experience and how long they have been in business. Regardless of whether you choose to hire an individual contractor or a roofing company, asking about experience is a must. Roofers should be experienced before working on a home or commercial property alone without supervision and guidance.

Once you start to search for local roofers or a roofing company near you, take the time to research how long the company has been in business. When you are browsing online, you also have the option to research business reports and any reviews that may have been left by individuals who have used the roofing services provided themselves in the past.

2. Are You Local?

When you’re in the market for a roofing contractor, you may want to work with local roofing companies or local residential roofers, depending on your needs and your exact location. Choosing to go with a commercial roofing company that is available nationally may result in lower quality when it comes to service and the final outcome of the roofing repair or installation itself. As you begin to call or visit local roofing companies, you can ask if the company was founded locally and how many locations they currently operate. This will provide valuable insight into the size of the operation. The smaller the business, the more likely you are to receive optimized care when choosing a reputable roofing company.

Advantages of Choosing a Local Roofer or Roofing Company

Rather than going with a regional, national, or even international roofing company, opting for a local solution is highly recommended as it provides access to individuals who understand your exact location. Working with roofers who are familiar with the climate you live in and the seasons you experience can be key to choosing the right type of roof or roofing solution for your home or commercial property. Local roofers are also familiar with particular licenses, permits and other certifications that may be required for your home or commercial property based on its exact location. Working with those who understand the area will help you to feel much more at ease whether you are in need of a traditional roof inspection, repair, or a complete new roof installation.

3. What Roofing Materials Do You Offer?

Before hiring a roofing contractor in any capacity, you will need to determine whether or not they currently carry the type of roofing materials you are interested in using on or for your own roof. Depending on the existing roof you have in place, the size of your property, and your location, you may require special materials to ensure the longevity of the roof. Whether you are interested in asphalt roofing, metal roofing, or if you’re curious to learn more about solar solutions, familiarizing yourself with some of the most common roofing materials before calling a roofing contractor is always advisable. When you have an understanding of basic roofing materials, you can review your options to come to a decision that you feel confident in.

In addition to metal, asphalt, and solar solutions, there are also steel roofs, concrete roof solutions, slate, rubber slate, and various eco-friendly solutions, depending on the roofing company you choose. Take time to research various materials that are most commonly utilized on roofs today to help find a solution that is ideal for your home.

How to Learn More About Roofing Materials

Most homeowners today are not experts when it comes to choosing roofing materials. While this is perfectly acceptable, it is also helpful to take the time to educate yourself on the basics of roofing. You can learn more about basic roofing materials with traditional search engines and by visiting the websites of your local roofers. The official websites of local roofers can provide you with insight into what materials are based on your location and the type of roof you currently have in place. Using social media is another way to easily learn more about roofing materials, especially if you are following the local contractors and roofing companies that are currently in operation in your city or state.

4. What Are Your Prices?

Investing in a professional roofing contractor can quickly become costly, depending on the type of roofing you require. Whenever you are searching for a contractor or roofing company, asking about their pricing upfront is essential. Reputable roofing companies will have no issue discussing how they price roofs based on the size of your home, the type of roof you’re interested in, or the repairs you require. While some roofing companies may charge hourly for inspections or repairs, others may provide one-time costs for the entire project.

If you are thinking of having your roof replaced, inquire about the roof replacement cost from the roofing companies or contractors you are most interested in hiring. While asking about the prices, be sure to verify that all pricing includes materials, setup, and cleanup. Ensure that there are no additional hidden fees that you will be responsible for once the roofing project is complete before hiring the contractor of your choice.

When you are in the process of asking about pricing, you should also inquire about payment plans and how to go about paying for the services you require. In some cases, because you may be in need of a roof replacement due to damage or disaster, your homeowner’s insurance will help to cover the costs. If this is the case, a reputable roofing company will typically work together alongside your insurance provider to determine the best course of action for you in terms of payment. If your insurance covers the cost of the repairs or installation you require, you will not be responsible for paying the contractors yourself.

Compare Prices of Competing Contractors

Before settling on your decision when it comes to selecting a roofing business or contractor that is right for your roof repairs or installation needs, compare the pricing of multiple service providers. Research the average local price of the type of roofing service you are interested in pursuing in your area to determine if the roofing companies that are generating quotes for you are doing so fairly. If you are familiar with the typical prices for inspections, repairs, replacements, and specific materials, you can weed out contractors who may be attempting to charge a higher price than their service is worth. Additionally, the more familiar you are with the general costs of labor and roofing jobs, the easier it will become for you to negotiate deals with the contractors or the companies you choose to hire.

5. What Roof Services Do You Offer?

Anytime you are thinking of hiring a roofing contractor for repair work on your own home, you should ask them about the roofing services they currently offer. Not all roofing companies operate the same. While some contractors work independently, others work for larger roofing companies that specialize in commercial roofing installation solutions. When you are researching local roofers and contractors that are available near you, research individual roofing services that are relevant to your own needs.

In addition to traditional roofing inspections, other services that roofing companies typically provide to both residential and commercial customers include flashing repair, leak repair, and ventilation solutions. Managing gutters and handling standing water can also be addressed when working with qualified roofing contractors. Residential roof repair varies from commercial roofing repair, which is why it’s important to distinguish which services are offered upfront.

6. Are Your Employees Trained?

Hiring a roofing company to work on your home or place of business is no small decision. When you are researching local roofers and contractors that are available near you, ask them if their employees are trained. While in most cases, the answer will be yes, it’s important to weed out any contractors that do not have any official training or certifications under their belt. Asking about training can also provide you with a bit of insight into the inner workings of individual contractors as well as large roofing contracting companies.

The more you know about the training that is provided, the easier it will be to maintain your peace of mind while your roof is being updated, repaired, or replaced. Training is essential for professional roofers, especially for those who are working with specialized materials or with commercial roofing spaces. Verifying that roofers are trained will also help you to feel comfortable allowing them to work on your property even if you are not available to be at your home at all times during the renovations.

7. Are You Licensed and Insured?

Another essential question that should always be asked when hiring a contractor is whether or not they are licensed and insured. Licensing and insurance are imperative for those who are working as professional contractors in any capacity. Whether you choose to hire an individual roofing contractor or if you prefer to work with a larger roofing company that is known in your community, it’s important to verify that the individual or entity is licensed and insured.

Why Licensing and Insurance Matters

Hiring a contractor of any kind without licensing and insurance can lead to devastating consequences, even if they are unintended. Whenever an individual is conducting work in a home or in a place of business, the property owner at the time becomes liable for that individual if they are not properly licensed and insured. This means any incident that may take place while an uninsured roofer is working on your home may result in you becoming liable. If you are held liable for any accident, incident, or injury that occurs on your property while an uninsured roofer is conducting work, you may need to cover medical and legal costs associated with the situation.

8. Do You Offer a Warranty or Guarantee?

Before finalizing your decision on who to hire when it comes to your next roofing project, be sure to ask about warranties and any guarantee that is provided to the clients of your preferred local roofers. Asking about a guarantee or warranty is a way for you to compare which providers near you offer the most in terms of customer service. Roofing companies that do not provide clients with warranties or a guarantee may be a risky liability, especially if they do not have a lengthy history of servicing customers in your local area. Always be sure to learn more about any warranties and guarantees that are offered to clients from individual roofing contractors and residential roofing companies near you.

If you want to find a professional roofing contractor, you can do so by asking a few questions and getting to know more about your contracting options, individually, as well as with local companies. The more familiar you become with the individual roofers near you, as well as roofing companies that are suitable for the roofing project or repair you have in mind, the easier it will be for you to determine who is the right fit for the job.

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