Why Flat Roofing Can Work for You

If you’re building a new structure, you may be wondering whether you should go with sloped or flat roofing. Making the right decision depends on a few factors. Consider everything when deciding on what will be right for you.

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The most appealing aspects of flat roofing are the lower construction and repair costs compared to sloped roofing. They take up less space and less materials than sloped roofs, and as a consequence are less expensive. They are also easier to work on, as the risk of sliding off the roof and falling is largely eliminated.

Some people like flat roofs because they also provide more options than sloped roofs. For example, a flat roof allows for interesting modifications like rooftop gardens or a roof deck. In this way, building a flat roof can mean you almost have another floor added to your structure.

There are a few drawbacks which make people think twice about flat roofing. Flat roofing generally has less durability than sloped roofing and doesn’t hold up quite as well in winter weather and rain. Despite the disadvantages, some people overlook them in favor of the good qualities of flat roofing. No matter your decision, there’s no need to follow trends or what someone else thinks you should have. If you want that rooftop garden, flat roofing may be right for you.


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