X Ways to Keep Away Roof Leaks During the Winter

Not preparing for winter can be costly, especially when it comes to your roof. Even if you live in a mild winter climate, you must prepare for harsh weather. The video highlights ways to prevent roof leaks. Hire your local roofing company to help you prepare for winter.

If you’ve experienced heavy snowfall, you must shovel it off your roof as soon as you can. Snow is heavy and can lead to your roof sagging and ice dams can form.

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Excess snow also ruins your shingles and plywood.

Prevent ice dams from forming. Ice dams form when the snow melts, and then refreezes into ice. Remove the excess snow and insulate your attic to prevent warm air from rising to melt the snow on the roof. Seal windows and doors using weather strips.

Seal your attic to prevent ice dams and condensation from forming underneath the deck. If hot air gets into your attic, ice dams will form, and condensation will occur. This will then drip down causing you to think there’s a leak.

Hire a professional local roofing company to inspect your house and make any necessary changes and repairs to prevent leaks and damage to your property.


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