3 Steps to Restoring Your Wooden Play Sets

There’s nothing that turns a backyard into an adventure wonderland for a child better than big, beautiful, wooden play sets. These are great for years and years of fun, and who knows, maybe with care and maintenance, your children’s wooden play sets may even be safely enjoyed by your grandchildren.

The talented handymen at Fix This Build That have put together this helpful video that describes three steps to restoring an old wooden playset. As you will see, their methods brought an old, worn-out play set back from the brink.

Video Source

Be sure to check their YouTube channel out, and read on to learn more.

Taking Care of Wooden Play Sets


A good sealant will protect the wood, keep water out, and prevent rot and mold. It will also make the wood look great.

Fixing Splinters

A big splinter can end a fun afternoon quickly. Closely examine all of the biggest touch-points and contact surfaces first. Then hunt down splinters everywhere else.


After the wood is sealed and splinters hunted down, put a nice stain on. It will really make the play set shine and match your exterior decor.

Weathering Watch

Be sure to inspect your play set at least once a season, if not once a month, for loose parts, mold, rot, and other potentially concerning conditions.


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